design philosophy

The women behind the Gus + Al #YESCollection are Justine Koons and Alison Brokaw. Their aim is to create fine jewelry that delivers contemporary design and seamlessly compliments modern lifestyles. Each piece is lovingly handmade in New York City.

The #YESCollection is inspired by icons, art, love and the synergistic relationship between timeless glamour and modern culture. The #hashtag packs extra information and implied meaning into these few characters. The effect is humorous, provocative, sophisticated and informative.

The easy to wear designs and superb craftsmanship of the pieces, highlight our view that everyone deserves personal attention and affordable, quality pieces of jewelry.

Gus + Al want to make art accessible by designing wearable artist jewelry that is creative and iconic. We are very excited to be working with extraordinary artist, Jeff Koons, who has created two signature limited edition pieces of jewelry that are highly affordable, ready-to-wear collectables. #Curateyourself exemplifies our idea of fusing art and fashion.

We are all in charge of curating our own narratives, through the styles, objects or words that we choose to represent ourselves and thus make us who we are. We hope you have as much fun wearing our #YESCollection as we have had creating it……#Curateyourself and the rest will follow!